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Birth of a Blogger

I’ve changed. A very deep, significant part of myself has changed in the last 6 months.

Queue internal dialogue: how is that any different than the last couple of years, last decade even?
I have done nothing but constantly change or grow throughout my whole twenties.

And hello, I’ve had some pretty significant life changes the past year: I’ve completed my post secondary education (at least for now), set out into the world to start my career (key word I should add is “attempted”, as it is still in progress), I started a deep, meaningful relationship with my boyfriend (my first serious relationship I should add to stress the importance of it), I even got to travel for the first time in 9 years.

Wow, life has really flip-flopped for me.

But that’s not the change I’m talking about. This one runs a little deeper, a little quieter, but incessant and annoying nonetheless. And, in the past 6 months, it has bred an obsession. I found myself reading articles, watching TED videos, following groups, posting and sharing endless stories and pictures on my Facebook wall and on my twitter. I have been soaking myself, educating myself in the world of social injustice and social inequality. All these years of developing a keen sense of self awareness has evolved into a type of awakening to my own surroundings.

And here it is: the world, society in general, is cruel, harsh, and despicable.

Queue internal dialog: I’ve known this since I could tie my own shoe, what’s so revolutionary about the topic now?

Holy Crap, that’s a good question, because I actually don’t know. For some inexplicable reason, I can’t stop thinking about everything I think is wrong with the world. It bugs me, bugs me in a way I can’t shake off or ignore. For some time now I’ve been playing around with the idea of writing about all this noise that’s currently in my head. Giving my ideas a voice. This Blog is where that idea took me.

I want to raise awareness to the many issues that interest me: unemployment, poverty, economics and the job market, social inequality, discrimination, mental health, politics, global issues, human rights… Just to list a few. I’m doing this because a tiny voice in my head tells me it’s important. That it’s something that I CAN do.

Queue internal dialogue: Congratulations, I’m now a blogger.