Destroying the World one stigma at a time

In a previous blog I talked about words, words that destroy, and words that have the power to fight back.

Today's word brought to you by: A Majority of Society

Today’s word brought to you by: A Majority of Society

Today I want to talk about one particular word:  Stigma. Good Old Webster defines Stigma as “a mark of shame or discredit”. A Mark of Shame. I think about all the different Marks of Shame in the world. All the marks placed on vulnerable people by others who are misinformed, ignorant and full of judgement. I think the definition of stigma is a bit misleading, because in my view, in order to feel shame, you have to do something to feel shameful about. However, when I think of Stigmas, I think about judgements made on people to make them feel shameful of things at which they have no fault. Let’s list them, shall we?


stigma, poverty

Resumes and Cover Letters just don’t work anymore

Do you know why poverty exists? Why, in  countries where there is an abundance of resources, money, and food, people go hungry or lack the basic necessities of life? Why the answer is actually quite simple. Poor people exist because they are lazy and don’t want to work. They choose to live on the streets because it beats the responsibility of having to pay rent or act like an adult. And drugs. They are drug addicts and therefore bad, so all the suffering they endure is self inflicted. Poor people are dirty, uneducated, and potentially criminal. They made all the wrong choices in life and are now paying the consequences.


Yes, because that's the only thing my tax money pays for.

Yes, because that’s the only thing my tax money pays for.

Since we are the topic of poverty, lets talk about those lazy leeches that eat up all our taxes. Us hard working folk get taxed on all sorts of things because the government wants to punish us for being upstanding citizens. Then, they give that money to people who don’t deserve it, the poor. How preposterous! Its like we are giving out incentives to be lazy. Its no surprise that welfare recipients are mostly immigrants who move to Canada to eat up our money, that’s when they aren’t taking our jobs. And Black people. And single mothers who breed like rabbits just to watch their child benefits increase. And welfare checks are just supplements to their real income, which comes from selling drugs or committing fraud.

Those on welfare are rude, ignorant, lazy, and lack decent morals. The women are promiscuous, the men irresponsible and selfish. Those welfare bums, they have it so easy compared to us hard working folk.

Yup, welfare checks are big enough that you can live in luxury

Yup, welfare checks are big enough that you can live in luxury


Look at those guys. Just look at them.

S'up N****s! YOLO!!!

S’up N****s! YOLO!!!

The whole “racism” thing is a dead beaten horse. Decades after the civil rights movement, they finally have all the same rights and privileges just like the rest of us, and what do they do? They continue to give themselves a bad name, is what. They dress like hoodlums, join gangs, provoke everyone who dares to even glance at them, then, when it’s convenient, they throw you the damn race card. And they are just as racist if not more than white people, calling us “white trash”. Just look at the numbers of black people in our prisons, they just can’t seem to get out of trouble! And the women are just as bad, welfare queens, the lot of them. Popping out babies just to increase their child care benefits, and then using the money to buy expensive clothes and flashy phones instead of groceries for their children. They smoke weed, eat junk food, and live in the “ghetto”, and they use the music industry and hip-hop music to glamorize the life style. Yet what do they contribute to society? Nothing.

Get Yours Now!

Get Yours Now!

Oh, but not all black people. Some black people are pretty decent, its just the rest of em “ghetto blacks” that give good upstanding black people a bad name.


"I'm related to all these women, and married to half of them!"

“I’m related to all these women, and married to half of them!”

Are you white and live under the poverty level? Have a poor sense of fashion? Live in a trailer park, government housing, or a run down apartment/house? Have bad teeth? On social assistance? Like beer and watching sports, and collecting guns? Have bad teeth? Wear plaid, dirty t-shirts and jeans with a baseball cap? Or mini skirts, revealing tops, too much eye make up and hair rollers if you are a woman? Overweight and smoke 3 packs a day? Speak with a rural accent?  Get the cops called on you every week due to domestic disturbances? Eat junk food and watch too much reality TV? Bad teeth?  Well, if you are ANY of those things, then you are ALL of those things! Also, you are white trash!


T-Shirts, and thermoses, and ties, and aprons, and beach signs, and baseball caps and other memorabilia can't all be wrong!

T-Shirts, and thermoses, and ties, and aprons, and beach signs, and baseball caps and other memorabilia can’t all be wrong!

Heck, even doctors hate fatties! They are lazy, hate exercising and eating healthy, and are completely at fault for the way they look. They aren’t even really people, just blobs of fat. And lets not mention ugly. And if you are ugly, you are undeserving of love. So go ahead, make fun of them. You’re actually doing them a favor, because causing them emotional trauma is the best possible way to motivate them to change themselves into healthier people. Otherwise, they’d live in their parents basement eating cake and cheetos doing nothing more than playing video games or surfing the net for the rest of their lives. Besides, isn’t it their own fault for being fat?And they should loose weight. Like, right now. Otherwise they will never be accepted or loved by society. Because, like killing, stealing, committing adultery, and punching babies, being fat is WRONG! The only reason its not one of the ten commandments is that Moses lived in the desert, and fat people don’t live in the desert.

fat ppl poster


Grrr! I'm a wild fiesty gay and I'm coming for you!

Grrr! I’m a wild feisty gay and I’m coming for you!

Ah, Bruno, the perfect embodiment of anyone homosexual: Flamboyant, full of drama, effeminate, sexually perverse, speaks with a lisp, obsessed with fashion, and extremely high maintenance.

I mean, all the immorality that defaces most religious beliefs put aside, there are many reasons to hate the LGBTQ community. Lesbians are just glorified man haters who themselves want to be men and dress like them. Bisexuals are just so promiscuous that they want to sleep with everyone of both sexes. Trannies are weird, gross, mentally ill and want to use the wrong bathrooms as a way of intimidating and attacking other users. In fact, homosexuals all have mental illnesses, are sexual predators, and want to convert  your children onto their side! Watch out, they are coming for you too!


mental illness stigma

Oh, hello there, what’s that? You have a mental illness?

Oh. Well, nice to see you, I gotta go. Hope you feel better… and stuff. You know, just think positive. Or, try harder to get better. What’s that? It doesn’t work that way? Well, are you sure you have a mental illness, I mean, maybe it’s all in your head, and you just THINK you have a mental illness. I mean its all the rage these days, seems everyone thinks they have a mental illness. And those pharmaceutical companies are all corrupt, and just want to sell drugs, so even your doctor could miss-diagnosed you.

Have you tried a meditation class, or yoga? I heard from the sister of a friend’s mother’s cousin that it totally worked for them! Are you sure you are trying everything? Oh, well, like I said, I gotta go. I’m in a rush you see. Hope I didn’t upset you or anything. Well, if you need anything, just give me a call. Wish I could chat now, but, you know life, I’m actually busy and have so much to do! Take care! (Run away, run away now before they do something crazy, or weird, or awkward!)




The above says it all. Oh, also, TERRORISTS!


If you are angry, if after reading this you are riled up, wanting to punch me in the face…GOOD.

If not, go back to your upbringing and demand some morals, because you got cheated.

Just an FYI, this was one of the hardest posts I’ve written, not just because I had to rewrite more than half of it when WordPress lost a day of my writing, but also because I had to channel some really dark and nasty but realistic sentiment that I have personally witnessed or encountered on many occasions. Sentiments that I wish did not exist. Sentiments I know to be the mentality behind many of the barriers many of these people face to improve their lives or simply to survive, or be happy.

My hope is that I can challenge these stigmas. I want to provoke people, and want to make people think about these common misconceptions.  And I want to teach people to be more aware of these mentalities, educate them in why they are wrong, and that its NOT OKAY to say or think any of these things.

Because as harmless as a joke, or assumption, or a thought may appear to be, they DO destroy lives, and destroy them continuously everyday.


4 thoughts on “Destroying the World one stigma at a time

  1. Oh, blackittycat27, that was an excellent post. You truly nailed a lot of the stereotypes and stigmas I’ve heard throughout my life. Can I post the mental illness one (with credit) to my blog? I’d like to add one more:


    Aboriginals are lazy and just want to live on welfare so they can sit around drinking all day. They don’t have the Protestant work ethic like white people do. They keep complaining about broken treaty rights and go on these silly marches demanding their “rights,” but those treaties were at least a hundred of years ago so they shouldn’t matter anymore. I mean, I wasn’t there when the treaties were signed. Why don’t they stop complaining about the condition of their reserves and just move into the city and get a job like most people. It’s really that simple. But they don’t want to give up their precious land, which is actually mine because taxpayers are funding them. And they go on and on about the terrible abuses at residential schools, but those schools were well-meaning by teaching kids good Christian morals and giving them a decent education. It did more good than bad.

    To anybody reading the above, that is not what I believe. Those are the stereotypes and stigmas I have have heard and often still do. I remember a few years ago meeting a neighbour while walking my dog and he started saying, “I’m not racist or anything, but those aboriginals…” When you hear someone start like that, you know they’re going to say something racist. I was right. I should’ve warned him that I had a mental illness to get him to leave.

    • You can use my mental illness piece on your blog, feel free. As for yours on aboriginals, I liked it. I knew I was probably missing a few groups. We don’t have as many aboriginals in Toronto, so I don’t get to hear or see as much stigmatization. But I know it exists, in great numbers, out West, where they aboriginal communities are bigger. Thanks for pointing it out!

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